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Life is too short . . . time is too precious. HOUSTON TEXANS AUTO Title SERVICE will take the complexity out of the title and registration process. You deserve this convenience and the piece of mind that everything is done precisely and accurately. Thousands of Texans and Americans across the country have experienced the HOUSTON TEXANS AUTO Title SERVICE advantage - Life Simplified. 

We provide a full range of title and escrow services to meet clients' needs. HOUSTON TEXANS AUTO Title SERVICE has a reputation for dependability, thoroughness and accuracy with all title services completed locally rather than being outsourced. Our in-house expertise is an important asset during the transaction process. HOUSTON TEXANS AUTO Title SERVICE combines proven procedures, a sophisticated computer system and old-fashioned hard work and attention to detail to ensure that transactions are completed promptly and in compliance with statutory requirements. When the detail work and title research are done right, then the transaction can go smoothly. Nobody takes a more professional approach to title services than we do

The main office of HOUSTON TEXANS AUTO Title SERVICE is located on 2855 Mangum rd Ste B104 Houston, TX 77092. We employ Title Specialists located in satellite offices around the country who provide unparalleled customer service in obtaining titles for individuals and companies nationwide. Since 2001 HOUSTON TEXANS AUTO Title SERVICE has assisted residents in Texas - where he is a Statutory Agent - with their registration and title needs.

Every state follows pretty much the same requirements for getting are placement title but the procedures for running the gauntlet are different. A vehicle title (or a car title) is a legal form, establishing a person or business as the legal owner of a vehicle. Vehicle titles in Texas are issued by the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles.