Branded Vehicle Titles

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A vehicle with a branded title has either a different-colored title with a notation on it or a notation at the bottom of a regular-looking title to differentiate it from a clean title.

Title brands vary by state and can include the following types:

Rebuilt Title – This is a vehicle that was previously branded as “salvage” but has been repaired and inspected. Even though these vehicles may be driveable, the rebuilt title permanently documents the vehicle as having been, at one time, a salvage vehicle. Bad credit lenders will not finance a salvage branded vehicle.

Salvage Title– This is a vehicle that has been damaged and would, according to state law, usually cost between 75% and 100% of its value to be repaired. In some states, the rebuilt brand does not exist and salvage vehicles that have been repaired still carry the salvage brand on their titles. Bad credit lenders will not finance a salvage vehicle.

Flood Damaged Title –
This is a vehicle that has been damaged by water. A flood damaged vehicle can also be classified as a salvage or junk vehicle in many states. Bad credit lenders will also not finance a flood damaged vehicle.

Junk Title – a vehicle that can only be sold for scrap or used for parts

Fleet Title – Although usually not a brand, most states require that any vehicle that has been used as a taxi, for a daily rental or in police use be designated as a fleet vehicle. Lenders may or may not finance a fleet vehicle.

Mileage unknown – Mileage unknown is not a brand, but most states require that a title be notated if the mileage of the vehicle is not known due to an odometer replacement or other issues. May lenders will not finance a vehicle if the mileage is unknown.

Stolen Title – Like a fleet vehicle, a stolen vehicle is also usually not a brand, although many states can also refuse to title a vehicle once it has been stolen. Due to the damage often done to stolen vehicles, many are branded so that they can’t be re-sold.