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4 Reasons You Might Need a Bonded Title

June 1, 2015

A bonded title is a certificate verifying a person's ownership of a motor vehicle. It serves as proof of ownership that allows the owner to proceed with transactions like:

       Buying insurance
       Registering the vehicle
       Selling the vehicle

Bonded Title Needed
You have to prove ownership to register and insure the car you buy.

Requirements for Obtaining a Bonded Title

Laws about obtaining a bonded title vary by state, but the general procedure is similar everywhere. Generally you must make a legitimate effort to obtain the original car title before you apply for a bonded title. You must have bought the vehicle or received it as a gift. In other words, you can't apply for a bonded title for an abandoned vehicle. 

Though a bonded title can be used as proof of ownership for registering, insuring, or selling a vehicle, it can be challenged in most states for up to three years after its issue date. Should someone successfully challenge the bonded titleholder's ownership, the title bond company from whom you bought the required title bond pays the judgment.

What Are Bonded Titles Used For?

Bonded titles can be used to determine ownership if there...

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Internet Car Buying And Selling Tips

June 1, 2015

The most informative in depth article ever written about internet vehicle buying and selling. Published by a retired internet car dealer who knows this business well.


Internet Car Buying Tips

You must do your homework before buying!

Chances are you found this article on the net looking for advice how to buy a used car on the Internet without getting a raw deal.

I am a previous licensed Florida used car dealer with over 40 years in the business. I was also the 1st Tampa Bay area auto dealer to offer cars for sale on eBay in 1999. I have since retired but are happy to assist you get a great deal on your next automobile.

There are indeed some real good deals on the Internet. Unfortunately that good deal is usually several states away. And like it usually is.. if that price seems really cheap chances are there is a good reason for it.

Update 05/11/2015: Fraud Alert! NICB Exposes Major Craigslist Car Buying Forged Cashier’s Check Scam! Car sellers are accepting genuine looking cashiers checks for their car that sold on Craigslist. A week later when the check...

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Risk of a Fake Title

April 25, 2015

Fake Car Title Can Inflict Real Pain on Buyer Every hour, on average, more than six cars and trucks are stolen in Los Angeles County, by far the riskiest place in California-and one of the worst in the country-to keep a set of wheels parked. The majority of those vehicles are recovered, but every year about 8,000 owners in Los Angeles County-and about 21,000 statewide-never see their cars or trucks again. Unrecovered vehicles end up in foreign countries, are chopped up for parts, or are "washed"-resold with phony titles. A title is proof of ownership. A lot of people leave a vehicle title in the glove compartment, which is not a wise idea. With a legitimate title, a thief can easily and quickly sell a stolen vehicle, something that would be impossible without a clear title. And, as with counterfeit currency, a fake title leaves the holder hanging out to dry. Although vehicle titles are often lost or are rejected for a variety of reasons, some as simple as a signature being written on the wrong line, they are one of the most important forms of consumer protection against being cheated in a used-car deal. Knowing something about titles and...


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Motor Vehicle / Car Titles in Albuquerque, NM

March 27, 2015

Putting the title of your car under your name is essential for ownership of a vehicle in New Mexico. Whether you are purchasing a new vehicle or if you are transferring ownership, contact the MVD Express in Albuquerque today! We can help you with all of your vehicle title needs quickly—we know you have other things to do!

What to Bring to get a Motor Vehicle Title for Your Car

When you want to put your car’s title in your name, you’ll need to bring in a few things to the MVD Express:

      • A Valid Driver’s License or ID
      • Two proofs of New Mexico Residency (for both in and out of state drivers if address on ID or license is not current)
      • The original (or certified copy) of the Dealer’s Invoice, Bill of Sale, or Lien Information
      • Proof of Liability Insurance (25/50/10)
      • A passed emissions test (for cars built post-1977)
      • VIN Inspection (for motorcycles and out-of-state vehicles)
      • Vehicles
      • Titles

Bringing these forms in the first time will save you the trouble of coming back in to the MVD Express. For more information about our motor vehicle title services, contact us today.

Save (Even More) Time By Scheduling a...

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Notary Public Services Albuquerque

March 27, 2015

If you need notary services in Albuquerque, NM, MVD Express has what you need! Our notary services are provided by notary publics who have been certified in the state of New Mexico to witness the signing of various documents.

The majority of documents a notary public is required to witness the signing of, have to do with the sale and signing over of property. For example, if you sell your car and need to transfer the title over to the new owner, our MVD Express notary public will witness and notarize the transfer.

Other documents that can be witness by our notary public include:

    • Affidavits
    • Acknowledgements
    • Oaths or formal protests

Our notary publics can also certify copies of documents, but they are not able to notarize vital records, publicly recorded documents or public records. Documents they cannot notarize include, but are not limited to, birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates and divorce decrees. Our notary publics also cannot prepare documents for you, give advice or perform any kind of law-related service.

Contact us or visit any of our locations to find out more about our notary services and fees for notary services.

MVD Express — Albuquerque’s MVD One-Stop Shop


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Complete your Car Title Transfer at MVD Express in Santa Fe, New Mexico

March 27, 2015

Buying a car is an exciting time. Once you have finalized the purchase of your car, completing an automobile title transfer into your name is the last step to ownership.
Santa Fe, NM Automobile Title
At MVD Express, we understand that you have other important things to do than spend your whole day with us. That’s why we’ve made the process to complete the transfer of your car title as quick and easy as possible so you can get in, done and on your way as soon as possible!

What to Bring in To Complete Your Car Title Transfer at MVD Express

Bringing in the correct paperwork to our office in Santa Fe, New Mexico will allow us to serve you as quickly as possible so you can get to other things in your day. Complete your ownership of your new vehicle with an automobile title transfer by bringing in:

    • Your valid driver’s license or state issued ID
    • The original (or certified) copy of the dealer’s invoice, bill of sale, or lien information
    • Proof that your car has liability insurance
    • Two proofs of New Mexico residency if you do not have a New Mexico driver’s license, or your current address is not updated in...
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March 27, 2015

As in other states throughout the U.S., all motor vehicles driven on Minnesota public roads must be properly registered and titled. If you are transferring vehicle ownership to another person, the transfer must be properly registered at the Department of Public Safety.

If you are selling a vehicle, you will be required to gather the following documents prior to the sale event:

  • Official Minnesota Certificate of Title
  • Emission certificate
  • Damage declaration statement
  • Odometer disclosure statement

The certificate of title must be properly filled out and signed by the seller of the car. If the vehicle has more than one owner, all owners are required to sign the title. The seller of the vehicle is also required to fill in the buyer's personal information. No notarization is required for this procedure. If you do not have a title for the vehicle you are selling, you are required to apply for a duplicate title.

All titles issued after July 1, 1990, display an emission certification form that must be filled out in full by the seller. The certification is required only for vehicles in the passenger and motorcycle classes. Vehicles that belong to model years of 1967 and older do not require...

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Transferring a Registration

March 27, 2015

lease refer to this section if you have purchased a new or used vehicle and want to transfer your existing registration to that vehicle. If you are applying for a new registration, refer to the Applying for a New Registration section.

To transfer a plate from one vehicle to another of the same type, the fee is $25.00 (effective 5/12/2008). A $75.00 title fee and the applicable sales tax will also be collected.

An individual, corporation or company may transfer an existing registration from one vehicle to another if the following conditions apply:

  • The registration is active.
  • The owners on the registration will not change.
  • Both vehicles conform to the same plate standards.

Is there a Grace Period for Transferring a Registration?
If you own a vehicle or trailer and purchase a new vehicle or trailer from a dealer or purchase a used vehicle or trailer from a private party, you may transfer your registration to the newly acquired vehicle. Massachusetts allows a grace period of seven (7) calendar days from the date you dispose of your previous vehicle to register your newly acquired vehicle.

Under this grace period, the following conditions must be met:

  • You must be at...
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Register a boat

March 27, 2015

When to register your boat

You must title and register your boat in Washington State:

  • Within 60 days of moving to Washington with the boat.
  • Within 15 days of buying the boat, if you live in Washington and bought the boat in another state.

Registration requirements

Unless specifically exempt, you must meet all Washington state registration requirements when using a documented vessel on Washington waters. This means you must register your boat in Washington:

  • Within 60 days of moving to Washington with the vessel.
  • Within 15 days of buying the vessel, if bought it in another state and you live in Washington.

Exempt vessels

  • Military vessels
  • Public vessels of the United States or the American Red Cross.
  • Vessels owned by a state, county, or city and used for governmental purposes.
  • Vessels with a marine document as a vessel of the United States that are primarily engaged in commerce, including:
    • Tugs
    • Barges
    • Charter vessels (bare vessel charters or timeshare vessels)
  • Vessels issued a United States Customs Service Cruising License or registered in another country.
    • Vessel is exempt from registration only for the first 60 days of use.
    • On or before the 61st day of use on Washington waters, the owner must...
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Salvaged vehicles

March 27, 2015

What is a salvage vehicle?

A salvage vehicle is a vehicle that:

  • Has been damaged to the extent that it has been declared a total loss.
  • and
  • The vehicle’s registered or legal owner, insurance company, or another person acting on behalf of the owner has determined it wouldn’t be economical to repair.

For a complete definition, see RCW 46.04.514..

How to report a salvage vehicle

If your vehicle is destroyed or declared a total loss, either you or your insurance company must report that the vehicle has been declared salvage and surrender the title to us.

  • The registered or legal owner must surrender the title within 15 days of the vehicle’s destruction.
  • The insurance company must surrender the title within 15 days of settlement of the claim.

To report a salvage vehicle and surrender the title to us, write “Destroyed” and the date the vehicle was salvaged across the face of the title and mail it to us at:

Department of Licensing
PO Box 9038
Olympia, WA 98501

For more details about reporting a salvage vehicle, see RCW 46.12.600

Options for salvage vehicle owners

If your vehicle is declared a total loss, you may:

  • Sell the vehicle...
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